StartUp Hiring

Cost of job portals are expensive in cost, no assurance on hiring without experienced recruiters.

Pay after the recruitment closure without upfront payment.

Job consultancies would usually look for a minimum Of 10 openings and difficult for startups to assign one.

BM wont check for a particular Qty.

Time is money, money is cost. when you delayed absorbing manpower, the growth is been coming down.

Assured closure of openings in 5 working days.

Startups usually lags to attract talents interest due to the lack of branding since its inception time, they trend to go for MNCs.

Branding page of start-ups with core team’s insights, vision, interviews, facilities, life & events, previous projects etc (Videos,Pics, contents).

No system of building the pipeline of talents or even database.

Advanced next generation AI ready recruitment platform at your fingertips to plan your manpower needs.

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